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Sometimes you just gotta....

Post  Baustin02 on January 23rd 2009, 4:39 pm

About 3 years ago when I was leaving on vacation with my mom to Scotland, I decided to turn over a new leaf and pick out a few books to read on the painfully long plane ride over the Atlantic. One of these books was "Marley & Me", which I have yet to open to this day. Remember I brought it to book club and it was totally shot down...I'm not bitter. Anyways, well, as most of you should know (unless you have been stuck on some other planet, or perhaps your as clueless as Rhonda, i.e. does twilight have 4 books?) it has now been made into a movie. Well, I really wanted to read the book before I went to see it. But, let's be honest, I still have 75 pages of 'The Host', then I better start on 'One Child', and I'm sure I will finish that just in time to start the next book club book. So, I caved and went to go see it last weekend. I highly suggest you all do the same. Owen Wilson and Jennifer Anniston star (not my favorite actors, but I still like them) and they did an awesome job portraying the characters. It was just a good show. Very funny, clean, and entertaining. Totally recommended by probably the biggest movie watcher in this family. (Easy title considering all you people do is read!) Anyways, take it for what you will....that's my opinion.

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