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Funny Story

Post  WhitWhit on August 15th 2008, 4:30 pm

So me and Cam have just casually talked about names for a baby boy. He told me from the beginning that we WILL NOT name our boy Edward. (He thinks I am obsessed with the book or something weird like that) I have always told him "that's ok, I have never really been a fan of that name anyway". Well, last night Cam comes up to me with (what he thinks) a brilliant name for a baby boy....let me just quote the conversation from here on out:
Cam: What do you think about Cullen for a baby boy?
Whit: (i smile)
Cam: What?
Whit: Cullen?
Cam: ya, C-U-L-L-E-N
Whit: but you have always hated Edward...
Cam: (confused look)
Whit: Edwards last name is Cullen!
Cam: (blank stare for about 1.7 minutes) Oh.
Cam: Well I still like it!! (and he abruptly goes back into the back room to find his manhood)

Lesson learned-"Cam don't act like a smarty pants....I will always be one up, and so will Edward Cullen!" (jk, kind of) Ha Ha Ha!

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